Sony a7R II – the mirrorless digital camera that really competes with DSLRs

Sony Camera is one of the top camera brands on the market, so it is definitely one of the places to look for in order to find the best sony mirrorless camera to buy. The Sony a7rii, for instance, can be a great option if you are looking forward and are ready to take your photography seriously, or if you want to update or upgrade your existing equipment. It is however, still a big investment to make so it’s worth looking at this a7R II’s specs and performance before taking such a big plunge.

Before we look at the camera, let’s look at the box contents. The Sony a7R II comes with its two lithium batteries, a charger, which only charges one of these batteries at a time, unfortunately, a USB cable to connect it to a computer, shoulder strap, body protection and a few other accessories. No lens is included with the basic kit, which is something to keep in mind, seeing as buying a lens separately will add up to the already hefty cost, even though it is necessary, in any case.

As for the camera itself, it packs many impressive specs, among which are a 42MP FullHD sensor, which means it should shoot in really high resolution, a BIONZ X Image Processor and 5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization, which is of great help when trying to avoid blurry or shaky footage. It also features a 3.0″ 1,228.8k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor, which can be quite convenient in several situations such as when shooting in front rather than behind the a7R II camera, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity which enables easy and quick sharing of pictures and video taken using this a7R II camera.

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Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, Body Only (Black)

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The Best Sony a7R II Mirrorless Camera

Notable Features 42MP full HD Sensor 5-Axis Steady Silent Shot BIONZ X Image Processor Hybrid AF 399 Focal Plane Phase Detection XGA OLED Viewfinder 4K New Generation Video New Shutter Mechanism Funtional Refined Design

This a7R II camera is well designed and built, in a way that is not only nice to look at but also durable and easy to hold and use. Commands and buttons are well-placed and work very well, and the lens mount is functional and very secure, even when using heavy lenses, unlike with previous models.

Now, this is all great, but it’s the camera’s performance that matters at the end of the day, and in this aspect, the Sony a7rii really is the best sony mirrorless camera to buy. The 42MP backlit full frame sensor gives the images incredible quality with very low noise and captures the light really well. Also, it processes pictures quite quickly, which further enhances their quality. The autofocus is also quite great on this sony mirrorless camera, taking both landscape and portrait photography to the next level, which makes this camera quite versatile.

Other cool features of this Sony digital camera are that it shoots 4K new generation video, which is basically the highest quality you can get these days, and that the shutter can be silenced, which is particularly useful when shooting during events or when making videos. The reduction of Shutter vibration also means that blurring will stop occurring, as the camera is very unlikely to actually shake

To make this camera even more versatile, Sony improved its performance in low-light situations with the new sensor, which means this camera will produce high quality pictures even when shooting at night or in poorly lit scenarios.

Finally, the preview screen is quite clear and useful, so you won’t see a big difference between the preview and your final product, and the fact that you can recharge the batteries while connected via USB means that you won’t be wasting but rather replenish battery time while viewing and transferring your pictures to the computer.

All in all, the sony mirrorless full frame is a very solid camera, and one that won’t disappoint serious hobbyists and even professional photographers who might prefer sony mirrorless camera instead of any DSLR.

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